Hair Remover Spray
Hair Remover Spray
Hair Remover Spray
Hair Remover Spray
Hair Remover Spray
Hair Remover Spray

Hair Remover Spray Foam

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Description :

Hair Remover Spray Foam is one of the most promising hair removal method made combination of natural ingredients with anti-allegorical and gentle formula.It is safe and secure without any side effects and most importantly it is useful for all type of skins. It is simple to apply, less time consuming and most importantly it is convenient and affordable to buy from both offline and online stores. Both men and women can make maximum use of this hair remover to remove unwanted hairs from hard to reach areas in no quick time. The results can be noticeable in few days depending thickness of hairs. In short, this innovative hair remover instant and easy to use just simply- spray and wipe it away. It is best hair removal method comparatively waxing, shaving and bleaching.

Product Features :

  • Well made with strong natural components removes unwanted hairs.
  • Instant, Unisex, Effective and Simple to use.
  • 100% painless and hassle free, no harms and  no side effects.
  • No suffer from skin itchiness.
  • Provides softer and smoother skin.
  • Useful for all ages and skin types.
  • It is very useful for hairs on chest, arms, face and under arms.

Usage :

  • Clean the skin completely before applying.
  • Gently squeeze the hair remover spray foam on unwanted hairs.
  • Leave it for next 10 to 15 minutes, depending on thickness and length of hairs.
  • Once skin get smoother, instantly wipe all the residue with dry cloth.
  • Rinse off everything with water.
  • Finally, you will get softer & hair-free skin.

Specification :

  • Weight - 130ml

    Package :

    • 1 * Hair Remover Spray Foam