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Nail Dehydrator
Nail Dehydrator
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Gel Nail Dehydrator

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Nails are sensitive part of body and so it requires extra protection by experimenting different nail products to keep nails beautiful and healthier. Gel Nail Dehydrator is one of the best remedy available in the form of liquid packaged in compact size bottle. It works as simple as nail polish which contains active ingredients with strong alcohol essence. It works as prep step which must be applied on unrefined nails to dehydrate and remove excess oil and moisture deep inside natural nails; because it does make sure whatever cures is done on nails it sticks and stays stable for longer period. This Prep Step Dehydrator to keep nails a lot shiny and glossy once process is completed. It is must cosmetic accessory to complete make up bag or add in wardrobe collections. It allows acrylic nails lessen the oil and moisture from surface of natural nails. It keeps the natural nail surface firm, fresh and younger appearance to compliment individual personality.


  • Remove moisture & excess oil around the surface of the natural nails.
  • Makes your nail beautiful and glossy for longer time period.
  • Make sure apply nail dehydrator before using primer.
  • 100% safe & secure, no side effects as well.
  • It is applied on natural nails than artificial nails.
  • Keep ready nails in order to use all nail enrichment products.
  • Dehydrate nails and helps product stick properly to get nails better and helps them last longer.
  • The results are pretty visible if applied this prep step gel nail dehydrator on regular basis.
  • Affordable and best nail dehydrator comparatively others in the market.


  • Quantity – 15 ml

Package include

  • 1 * Gel Nail Dehydrator