Eyelash Curl Perming Kit
Eyelash Curl Perming Kit
Eyelash Curl Perming Kit

Eyelash Perm Kit UK

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Eyelash Perm Kit in UK

This Eyelash Perm Kit in UK is combination of naturally formulated components which are totally safe, secure, painless and much beautiful than traditional eyelash kit. This is the best alternative and innovative to make natural eyelashes curly for longer time period without any harm.This lash curl kit absolutely incredible in terms of functionality, it’s triple-way course of action that perms, neutralizes and form the natural lashes effectively. Once applied, lashes remained curled for almost next 2 months time period. It is beneficial other lashes products features instant, temporary and simple to use, safe and most importantly its painless method. It is made up of premium superior quality products. It provides natural lift to curls and helps maintain fuller look to eyelashes. The perming eyelashes is available in full eyelash curl perming kit.


  • This Eyelash Perm Kit in UK provides long lasting lashes for around next 2 months.
  • It’s convenient to use and there no requirement of extra heating.
  • Gently applied on eyes without no harsh and ablaze.
  • Very easy to use, perming is very effective prior to applying eyelash extensions
  • It helps keep lashes curled and gives you younger appearance.
  • Process of perming is only can be performed in two positions like sitting in upward position or lying downwards.

     Eyelash Perm Kit in UK includes:

  • Perming Agent
  • Neutralizer
  • Collagen Conditioner
  • Lash Perm Glue
  • Glue Remover
  • Silicone lift pads
  • Residue Cleaning Tools